The Team


Dear Travellers,

My name is Frans Xaverius Suhardi. Friends and family called me Ferry or Frans. I am a native from Flores, West Manggarai to be precised. I was born and raised in this beautiful little island. Had some years out of Flores for working and studying, I still find my island remains the most exotic and unique among islands in Indonesia.

As the Indonesian tourism grows rapidly in the last couple years, I came to an idea to build a website where I can dedicate most of my time to serve people who are seeking pleasures through activities, such as island hoping, diving, cultural visit, or whatever relates to adventures. All of that, I offer Flores and Komodo National Park as the highlights.

Long before I finished my study in East Java in 2005, I have had 2 years working on a diving boat, a year working at a resort, and after college I have been working for more than 6 years at a dive shop in Labuan Bajo. With these long years of experience, I feel I am ready to dedicate my self into tourism independently. I am hoping so much through this, I can give more impacts on the economic development in my area Flores, which is still considered as one of the poorest island in Indonesia.

I welcome everyone who is wishing to come to visit my Island with a warm heart. I am ready to go along with you to make your visit unforgettable. Thank you.

Where We are

How to Get There

As most travelers put Bali as their first entry in Indonesia, access to Flores is also generally through Bali. Ways to get there can be done through airplane, overland, and sea.


There are two airports in Flores that you can consider as the starting point for your journey. Labuan Bajo in the west and Maumere in the east.

Flights to Labuan Bajo are Transnusa, Merpati, Lion Air, and Sky Aviation. According to our experience, Transnusa is the most reliable one. They use bigger plane and have relatively few delays. The only problem that they have is that they do not provide online booking system. When you want to book it, please contact us. We can manage to book them straight away.

Flights to Maumere are Merpati, and Batavia Airways.

Check every options of flight availabilties through internet. Contact us if you need further assistance.


Traveling from Bali to Flores through overland takes about 2 days 1 night. You will be going through Lombok Island, Sumbawa Island and then arrive into Labuan Bajo Flores. Starting from Padang Bay harbor in the east of Bali, you will be boarding toward Lombok on a ferry, then taking land transport to Kayangan East Lombok for another ferry that goes to Sumbawa Island. Crossing Sumbawa Island takes around 10 hrs to get to Bima, a small town at the east of Sumbawa. From there, you need to go Sape which will take another 2 hours to meet a ferry to Labuan Bajo. Sape to Labuan Bajo takes about 6 hours.

You may find difficulties to cross the island through bus and ferry. Best option is to buy 1 ticket through bus agent in Bali. The ticket will include the land transportation (bus) and ferry tickets. Meals are also included.


There is a boat called Tilongkabila that has regular departure from Bali to Labuan Bajo. Departure schedules can be looked at their website Bali port called Benoa and Labuan Bajo port called Labuan Bajo.