East Manggarai

If you like trekking in the serenity of the rainforest, Manggarai Timur (East Manggarai) is the right place. The natural beauty tantalizes wildlife lovers and pleasure seekers alike. One of its splendors is Ranamese: an impressive mountainous natural reserve with dense forests and a 21-meter-deep crater lake at an altitude of 1,220m. Equally charming is Mount Ndeki, which is great for exploring the Florinese highlands, as well as a perfect place for bird watchers.


Ende is the district where you will find the world-famous Kelimutu Crater Lake. However, with its unique blend of adventure with natural and cultural attractions, Ende offers much more. Tiwu Sora’s beautiful yet challenging treks await the brave hearted; while art and culture lovers can indulge their senses in Ndona which is most celebrated for its Lionese ikat weaving. Visitors will also get to admire the heritage site of Wolotopo, famous for its ancient traditional houses. Other places worth visiting are Wolosoko cocoa plantation, Wolowaru’s organic cashew processing, Lake Tiwu Bowu and Mbuliwaralau Beach – for some leisure time.


Manggarai is home to Flores Hobbit (home floresiensis) which recently been discovered by archaeologists and believed to be lived 19,000 to 95,000 years ago. They lived in a cave called Liang Bua. To the west of capital town of Ruteng, one-and-only spider web rice fields – the most impressive one being in Cancar. Other than Cancar, the must-see list includes Tengkulese Waterfall, Wae Rebo, Ruteng Pu’u and Todo: traditional kampong and very old house of Manggaraian.

Flores Timur

Flores Timur (East Flores) with its capital, Larantuka, has since long been an important naval base for trade, a central point for colonialisation, as well as missionary activities in eastern Indonesia. Having a long Catholic history, Larantuka hosts the glorious Reinha Rosari Cathedral where pilgrims from all over the world gather during the Larantuka Easter procession. If ikat is your passion, then you cannot skip Lewokluok: a place where you can find the cloth uniquely inlaid with seashells. Leworahang features a heritage site with long-preserved, exquisitely carved traditional houses richly that will delight travellers with interest in art and culture.


Nagekeo District is home to Mbay, which was once Flores’ main rice producer. Besides Mbay, Rii Taa Island features Nagekeo’s most magical charm with its pristine deserted beach and snorkeling site. Puta Hot Springs and Tonggo Beach are two of the natural highlights that you should not miss if you are in or around Mbay. For culture-enthusiasts, Wajo is the best spot to appreciate Flores’ traditional culture.

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