Batu Cermin Limestone Cave

Flores Discovery - Batu Cermin (or Mirror Cave) is actually a tunnel or cave in a dark stone hills located at outskirt of Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai. A sunshine comes through a hole in the tunnel and then bounces on the stone walls that again reflect small lights to other areas inside the cave like a mirror. This is why this site is called mirror cave. 


Crocodile Cave

Cunca Wulang Canyon

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Cunca which means waterfall and Wulang which means a moon in local language is a tiny waterfall sets in the middle of tropical forest around 30 km to the east of Labuan Bajo. A waterfall with a circle hole that looks like a moon was once to be believed as a secret place for locals that live around the area to beg a rain from God. There used to have some ceremony held by locals long time ago. The hole itself is believed to have a very deep ones that has no ending point. Although there are none ever try to find out its truth this waterfall has its own myth by local people.

Cunca Rami Waterfall

Surrounded by local rice fields, trip to waterfall in Cunca Rami also offers a perfect experience at how you witness the locals do their daily life routine as farmer. A lady with a webbing basket at their back walking through the fields while a man carry a pack of buffalo plowing their rice fields. These activities are some of the extras to be experienced when doing the trip to Cunca Rami Waterfall. When your time is perfect you may also involve in planting rice with locals traditionally.

The waterfall is by far the highest among those existed in West Manggarai. This creates a long shower from the top to the ground which offers a relaxed feeling. At the foot of the water fall there is a pool where you can swim around for fun. In the dry season, the water here is quite clear and clean. In the rainy season the water are normally dirty with lots of mud bringing down from the flooded forests.

Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a small town located in the most western tip of Flores Island and has been well known as the main entry gate to visit Komodo National Park, where the legend Komodo Dragon existed. The town is relatively small with population of approximately 3000 people. In the old time, this town was more populated by fisherman who originally from Sulawesi (known as Bajo tribe) who used to travel by boat long way down to Flores for fishing. Along with the tourism development with the komodo dragon is the icon, more population today many people seem more rely on tourism by serving tourists to see the dragon, diving into the Komodo National Park and also taking to visit land objects such as water fall, trekking, and other services.

Travelling to Flores will be best through here as there are daily flights, ferries and buses. Accommodations are also varied from budget up to star hotels. In East Nusa Tenggara province Labuan Bajo has become the busiest touristic place, though she is still not as the same as Bali. Trips of all kind in Flores are normally best started from Labuan Bajo.