Sikka is a district in central-eastern Flores renowned for ikat: a handicraft deeply rooted in the Sikkanese community. Watublapi is a village that boasts fine ikat that still use traditional, handspun cotton yarn made from natural dyes. Geliting is a lively weekly market well worth exploring, which looks back on more than 100 years of trading history. The long history of Catholicism in Flores has produced many legends: Wair Nokerua is a natural spring named after the charismatic St Francis Xavier. Active travellers must try the world’s most interesting diving spot: Maumere Bay; and while on the highland enjoy a hike to Mount Egon, as well as treks to Murusobe Twin Falls or Liwu Legur Falls. If the sea’s on your mind, you can beach-hop along the chain of islands surrounding Maumere Bay, or unwind on Koka Beach.