Travel Information

Important Issues when you travel to Flores - Komodo:

Several ways to get to Flores

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To enter Indonesia, you are required to possess a passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival and have proof of return or onward ticketing.

Most tourists can obtain a Visa on Arrival (VoA), costs are USD 25 for a 30 day stay, or USD10 for a 7 day stay. For some countries there is an additional visa fee of US$50. Payment is by cash at the immigration desk upon arrival at the International Bali or Jakarta airport. For some countries this visa-on-arrival does not apply, and people need to apply for a tourist visa in their country of origin before traveling. We highly recommend that you contact your local Indonesian Consulate or Embassy to check requirements for travelers of your nationality and/or passport that you will be traveling on.


Bringing Rupiah cash is strongly recommended while traveling around Flores and Komodo. US Dollar and Euro are the most popular accepted by most hotels, restaurants, diving operators at competitive exchange rate. Exchanging foreign currencies at money changer around Flores is possible but may be charged at poor rate. Best to do is to change them in Bali or Jakarta as they normally have better rates. Credit Cards are usable at some hotels and diving operators but not at the restaurants or flight agents. ATMs are available in some of the big towns, such as Labuan Bajo, Ruteng, Bajawa, Ende and Maumere.


There is malaria in Flores. Although some of the internet sites state that Malaria in Indonesia (including Flores) is high but chances to get it relatively moderate. For prevention, several medications are available for malaria chemoprophylaxis. When deciding on which drug to use, clinicians should consider the specific itinerary, length of trip, cost of the drugs, previous adverse reactions to anti-malarials, drug allergies, and medical history. For more information, please read

Land Transportation

Transportation in Flores are not like in Bali or other cities in Indonesia. No taxis and no trains! But there are plenty of cars, bus, and motorbikes. For town transports, getting a scooter rental is the most practical way as the towns in Flores are relatively small and easy to navigate your self on a motorbike. Please be noted that the roads might not be good enough for you if you are city-kind person. They are up and down, sharp turns and bumping roads may find at outskirts. Make sure you know how to drive. For overland tours across Flores, the best transportation is to rent a car along with the driver. You may not be able to driver yourself because car owners won't allow you. Public transportation are plenty to find, cheap too. But this would not look like an ideal tourists kind of transports as you will be mixed with locals, chickens, pigs, and maybe fish.

Safety in Flores

Flores is a safety island! Safety related with robberies, rapes, thief, or other similar violent actions are relatively rare in Flores. Cars or motorbikes are generally left parking on open areas in the night time and chances people to steal it are almost very low. However, keys or other important belongings must still be kept safely on your own bags. There may no safety boxes at your hotel room, so must figure out your own way to secure your stuff. When you traveling inland, at a very remote areas, you will not find any random attacks from strangers. You can even stay for free at local houses. Florenese are kind, friendly and humble.